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Would you like to help us spread the word about kids-in-mind? We've made it very easy: Below you'll find links to major national media organizations (we're working on listing all local media outlets too, aranged by state). Each link will open up an e-mail with all the relevant e-mail address filled in. For your convenience the subject and the body of the e-mail are already filled in too -- the e-mail message is appropriately laudatory, but of course you should edit it to reflect your own feelings. Just add your name and city and state of residence, and presto! You have let the media know how you feel about our website.




✉ Boston Globe
✉ Chicago Tribune
✉ Los Angeles Times
✉ New York Times
✉ USA Today
✉ Wall Street Journal
✉ Washington Post


✉ Fox News

Coming Soon
: Our total guide to local media, including radio stations, newspapers, TV stations and magazines.

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